Memory of My Face DVD


Memory of My Face follows Bambang Rudjito and illustrates how the residues of colonialism and the pervasive influence of globalization affect the subjective experience of mental illness. (22 minutes)

Product Description

“Memory of My Face” looks at the life of Bambang Rudjito, a highly intelligent and urbanized Javanese man in his late 30’s, diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder. The film captures Bambang in a mental hospital with florid psychosis, during bouts of mania and depression, and during remission, when he is capable of clearly articulating his struggles with mental illness.

“Memory of My Face” demonstrates the impact of globalization on how Bambang expresses his illness. His psychotic thoughts and delusions, his understanding and interpretation of his illness and treatment, and his economic livelihood are all deeply entwined in and influenced by globalization. The film follows his treatment with pharmaceuticals, search for meaning in a Muslim religious community, and for reward in the work that he is capable of doing. At the same time, “Memory of My Face” examines Bambang’s relationship with his wife and children and the role they play in his struggle to live with his “mental disease.”

TRT 21:46

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