Family Victim focuses on Estu Wardhani, a young Javanese man, who is the “bad coconut” of a highly respected Javanese family.

Initially, Lemelson focuses on Estu’s neuropsychiatric symptoms. Over time, interviews with Estu, his family, and traditional healers, who describe him as “different,” “hardheaded,” “lazy,” “spoiled,” “psychopathic,” and controlled by a spirit, reveal a more complex dynamic as his erratic behavior worsens and his marriage deteriorates. Only after the illness and death of his father and the birth of his second daughter does Estu begin to “live properly.” Family Victim addresses the universal issue of how families and communities interpret and attempt to control the behavior of troubled and troublesome members. Family Victim examines the bi-directional influences between an individual considered to have a disruptive or troublesome personality and his social world.

(38 min)

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